Regular Porta Potty

portable toilet on the side walk in a cityRegular porta potties are some of the most common mobile toilets. They are widely used because they are pretty cheap and can serve a range of functions. These portable toilets lack detailed features, just like the name suggests. Also called standard porta potties, these mobile restroom options consist of single units and can only serve one user at a time. They are mostly suited for short term events because of the smaller tank size. Let us look at some of the features that you should expect when you rent a unit:


The mere fact that these units are regular doesn’t make them insecure. Users get a secure lock that can be easily fastened for privacy. These units can also be locked to save them for select users. You can, therefore, apportion different regular portable toilet to given ranks if you are hosting several people.


These units have a solid construction, which makes them suitable for long-term use. This construction also makes them safe for different weather conditions. You can, therefore, use a regular porta potty safely when there is a lot of wind without it toppling over. They are however smaller than all the other portable toilets.


These porta potties only serve single users and are therefore relatively smaller in size. Their width ranges from 43-46 inches and the depth 46-48. They are however quite long, with a record height of 88-91 inches. The holding tanks are also quite small, measuring only 50 gallons or 60 in most cases. Their small size makes them suitable for significant events since they can be rented in clusters.


One of the reasons why several organizers prefer standard portable toilets is the fact that they can be emptied and cleaned on-site. You don’t, therefore, have to interrupt your regular programming to fix the toilets. The traveling potties companies are always on standby to clean and empty one once the tank gets full.

Additional features

Some companies also offer other features for users. These include mirrors, hand sanitizer for killing germs and viruses and lighting, especially in low light conditions. However, do not expect much or you risk ending up pretty disappointed. On the other hand, these porta potties are pretty cheap and can be rented by organizers anticipating several guests. This is also enhanced by the fact that these units can be rented in clusters.


You need to understand that these units can only serve short-term events due to their storage tanks. For long term events, you might need other options. All in all, a regular portable toilet can be used in several functions. These units are suitable for construction sites. You can imagine just how difficult it is to find a toilet when working in the middle of nowhere. They are also the most preferred options for concerts due to the massive number of concert goers expected.

Other events include public gatherings, parties, home renovations and outdoor camping. You can always contact us if you need porta potty services in Lawndale and its environs.