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Portable Toilet Rental in Lawndale, CA

portable toilet on construction siteWhat is a porta potty?

Porta potties are moveable restrooms, as the name suggests. According to statistics, the portable toilet market has grown by 4.6% between 2015-2020. It’s one of the fastest-growing industries in the economy because people realize just how essential these units are. If you are hosting a party, concert, or event and you are wondering how to cater to bathroom needs, renting a haulable potty is the right way to go! There are a variety of types of portable toilets that come in handy, depending on the event you are hosting and the number of people. Take a look at the models.

Types of porta potties

– Regular

A standard porta potty is the most basic portable unit in our collection. It can be towed as it comes in a single unit. It’s also one of the most affordable units, so you can hire several if you are hosting a huge event with lots of attendees.

These units don’t come with any extras. They have no sink, and they are not flushable. They also have a small capacity tank of about 50 gallons, so they are recommended for short term use. You can, however, hire these units with extras for hygiene purposes.

– Deluxe

These are standard units that have been improved to cater for hygiene purposes. They differ in a couple of o9f features, such as size. Deluxe units are larger than the standard units, therefore, more spacious. They are also flushable with a bigger capacity tank of around 60-70 gallons. They also have a sink for washing your hands and even a hand sanitizer station.

– Handicap

These are units designed for handicapped or wheelchair users. Handicap porta potties are more spacious to accommodate the wheelchair and to allow for free movement. The toilet seats are also positioned lower than a regular bathroom. The structure of the restroom also features an anti-skid flor made from slip-resistant material. The entrance of the portable toilet is flat for easier entry and leaving the restroom.

– Towable

These are units set on wheels or a towable trailer. These trailers are built with durable tires and brake lights for safe towing. They can be used or moveable sites such as field-based media, highway road work, disaster relief, voluntary services, etc. They are park able to use preventing the need to unhook the restroom from the vehicle.

– Luxury

These are large units consisting of several units. They come with a sink, flushing toilet, running water, handwashing area, and a residential interior. They are referred to as luxury or VIP restroom trailers as they are the most expensive units. They come in dozens in a single unit. Some trailers even carry more than ten bathrooms per single trailer. Some offer extra facilities such as urinals, mirrors, stall, and baby-changing units.

– Solar

These are porta potties designed to harness the energy from the sun and convert it to electricity. The electricity can then be used to power the different aspects of the portable bathroom. For instance, the electricity from the sun can be used to turn on the sink faucets, lighting, flush the toilets, and run the water. These units are ideal for events where the electricity cannot be accessed.

– Green/environmental-friendly

Any unit can be converted into an environmentally-friendly unit, whether a standard or trailer portable toilets. These are moveable restrooms made using recycled or reused materials. These materials used are environmentally friendly and health-conscious as it uses safe cleaning products and procedures. The demand for green porta potties is growing since people are becoming environmentally aware.

– Construction

These are portable toilets designed for use on both commercial and residential commercial sites. These units come with sidebars to facilitate movement from one place to another using a crane. Some are also designed with wheels to push between construction sites.

What are porta potties good for?

Haulable restrooms can be used for a wide variety of events, festivals, and parties. Let’s take a look at some of them;

Weddings – moveable bathrooms come in handy when you need to create a good impression and let everybody enjoy their day as you do. You don’t need to worry about the smell or appearance when you hire a luxury haulable bathroom.

Emergency relief sites – traveling potties allow workers at such events to attend to their own needs as they attend to those of others.

Camping sites – haulable toilets can also be set up in camping sites where there are no permanent restrooms. They can be set up with different amenities depending on how long and how many people will be using them.

Farmer’s market – portable restrooms are also a great idea for vendors offering their services all day long.

Food festivals – the hot pepperoni or hotdogs on a food festival may not always settle well. It’s crucial to provide haulable potties for the attendees.

Musical festivals and concerts – haulable potties can come in handy for the musicians, crew, and fans. There should be several of such units to cater to the mass of people that will be in attendance.

House parties and family gatherings – any event that requires you to host more people than your permanent indoor washroom can cater to requires a porta potty. Ensure you provide hygienic and luxurious units for house parties and family gatherings.

Sport events – portable restroom come in handy in ensuring everyone from the fans, crew, and participants are enjoying the day. We provide haulable potties that can cater to afternoon sports events to week-long events.

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